PAST: JOGA State Championship 2018


JOGA State Championship 2018

Saturday, April 28th

Session #1  JOGA 2 Sixteen and Younger

Report Time= 2:15pm     March= 2:35pm      Meet Starts= 2:45pm


Session #2  JOGA 2 Seventeen and Older, and JOGA 1

Report Time= 5:30pm     March= 5:50pm      Meet Starts= 6:00pm


Sunday, April 29th

Session #3   JOGA 3 Fifteen and Younger

Report Time= 8:00am     March= 8:20am       Meet Starts= 8:30am


Session #4   JOGA 3 Sixteen and Older and JOGA 4 Fourteen and Older

Report Time= 12:45pm    March= 1:05pm       Meet Starts= 1:15pm


Session #5    JOGA 4 Thirteen and Younger

Report Time= 5:15pm      March= 5:35pm       Meet Starts= 5:45pm


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