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Gymland - Home of Arena Gymnastics

Arena's Teams trains at Gymland, a beautiful, modern facility in Hamilton, NJ. Gymland also offers gymnastics classes, summer camps, birthday parties and much, much more!

Gymland School of Gymnastics is an all-encompassing Gymnastics training facility located in Hamilton, New Jersey. Gymland offers recreational gymnastics instruction, motor-skill development, parent/child classes, and eye-hand coordination training for boys and girls at all levels including infant, preschool, youth, teen, and adult. 
Additionally, we offer competitive team gymnastics and individual coaching for both boys and girls competition at the highest levels of USA National Gymnastics. Our early childhood development training begins at the age of 4 months with basic motor-skill gym classes, concentrating on physical movement, eye-hand coordination, and movement games. These classes require parent or caretaker participation.
Progressive training and instruction continues with our pre-school classes, ages 3 through 6. These classes focus on balance, strength, coordination, flexibility, understanding of body mechanics, and enjoyment of physical movement. 
Gymland also offers adult classes as well as classes in cheer leading, tumbling, cheer-tumbling, and trampoline. Gymnastics oriented birthday parties are available as well as gymnastics summer camp and holiday camp. Our very special Open Gym classes offer the flexibility of supervised gymnastics training in a less structured environment. New Field Trips, fitness classes, and special events to be added to the Gymland curriculum periodically.


Competitive Programs

Below are the competitive programs that are being offered at Arena Gymnastics